The Stubborn Heart Network
The Stubborn Heart Network
Staci Taustine

Welcome to The Stubborn Heart Network

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Why so Stubborn?

I guess you can say I was born this way....and then life taught me to choose stubbornness consciously every day since. 

As I lay in the hospital fighting for my life in 2016 a friend brought me this quote: 

"Magic happens when you don't give up, even though you want to. The Universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart."- JM Storm.

I took it to mean that life will bring us to our knees (and that's a promise) but, we can rise on our own terms. 

life taught me to reclaim my strength and I coach because we all deserve a teammate when we are playing to win in life, love, and our careers. 

I consider myself an inspiration seeker, sharer, and community builder. This is a place where stubborn hearts can gather. 


Stubborn is a team sport.

  • Are you stubborn and you know it?
  •  Really want to show it?
  •  Trying to grow it?

This is a place for:

growth ┃connection ┃leadership ┃networking┃support

 learning ┃ friendship┃authenticity ┃real conversations. 

Whether you want to share, or simply listen.... your stubborn heart can call the shots. 


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